Instructions For Installing Norton Internet Security

This note shows how a promising a third party firm can be that offers consumers online support for Norton, McAfee installation and similar antivirus support for consumers using major PC security software. Similar antivirus support companies may exist, but this one covers all aspects of assisting consumers seeking to activate AV programs, install Norton softwaredownload McAfee antivirus apps, renew Norton, or receive other online PC help:

By Victor Epand 

I've used Norton Internet Security for as long as I can remember, and I consider it the best out of all that I've tried, I had a brief period when the firewall was playing up about 12 months ago but they soon updated it and it was sorted. It might be a resource hog but I've never noticed it, I lose about 1,000 in Aquamark once it's installed.

People do have problems installing it, I've been asked on numerous occasions, to help people with installing the package, and on every occasion, the persons concerne haven't read the instructions properly, Symantic could improve the install considerably.

Every time I have to reinstall Norton it was becoming a pain to do all the updates and whatnot. There are a couple easy steps you can take to update the CD with some newer files so you can bypass some of the updates later on.

First, you can update the "LiveUpdate file." If you are currently running any Symantec product, odds are you have LiveUpdate. Might want to check what version you are running and update it if need-be. I found on a lot of my PCs I was running 2.6, and the latest version is 3.0.

Symantec Downloads Page: First, download the liveupdate .exe file: lusetup.exe

Second, download the Intelligent Updater Package, it would be under product updates Virus Definitions, just navigate to do it manually, it's not too hard to find.

Then I copied my NIS 2005 Antispyware Edition CD to a directory on my PC. All the Antivirus / NIS have similar directory structures so it should be pretty generic to do this.

First, to update the live update file, navigate to the supportlupdate directory. Replace the lusteup.exe file.

Second, extract the Intelligent Updater Package, use winrar, it's a sfx file. Inside those extracted files will be a file. Extract that file into its own directory. Compare those files you just extracted with the files in the virisde directory on the CD image. There should be the same number of files and names. Delete all the old files and the copy over the news ones.

That's it, now burn that temp directory onto a new CD and your program is a little more up to date. This is especially useful if you want to do the pre-scan before installing norton.

In theory it would be possible to update some of the other things. Live Update keeps temporary files of everything you download, you just have to dig around in the documents & settings directory. You could then probably take those files, extract them, then update the corresponding files on the CD. But I find that having Live Update plus Virus Definitions up to date is the most critical. The rest of the updates are usually less than 5MB.

If you are having problems with your virus definitions updating, or live update in general, you can dowload the two files and it will update your existing install.

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Student Libertarian Beliefs about Climate and Carbon

Excerpt from a YAL release presenting Libertarian Party beliefs, explaining libertarian views on the subject. The application of the philosophy as expressed by the Libertarian Party or others may or may not universally represent what is a libertarian view on the topic for all adherents.

The libertarian perspective

Some of you might not know what libertarian thought leaders have said about environmental policy or even what libertarians believe. Frederic Bastiat summed it up nicely: “In short, is not liberty the freedom of every person to make full use of his faculties, so long as he does not harm other persons while doing so?” 

One way libertarians think of rights, which you may be aware of and maybe even studied in school, is in terms of negative rights and positive rights. Negative rights do not require the government to give you anything—just that the government let you live your life undisturbed. Examples of negative rights are scattered through the Bill of Rights in our Constitution: the right to free speech, the right to own a house without having the government quarter troops in my house, the right to own and bear arms, the right to be secure against unreasonable search. Taxpayers don’t fund my free speech, but I am guaranteed that I can speak my mind. 

Other rights can be referred to as positive rights if they require that the government (and thus all taxpayers) do something for you. Some people call health care a right in our society—this requires that the government (e.g. all taxpayers) buy health care for you. If this is a right, it would be a positive right. Libertarians do not push back on all positive rights. If the government accuses you of a crime and you cannot afford an attorney, some libertarians agree with the positive right to have an attorney paid for by the government even if you end up being found guilty. But libertarians are generally skeptical of a broad and sweeping set of positive rights that must be paid for by taxpayers, such as health care and prescription medicines and water and food and shelter. Libertarians would rather have a limited set of negative rights and also have a responsibility to care for ourselves and to care for our neighbors as individuals, as we each see fit. 

How Carbon Fee and Dividend fits in

Once we understand that our emissions impact other people’s lives, we need to come up with a rational approach that lets markets and people choose how they will respond. Carbon Fee and Dividend is an example of the government taking action to influence our behaviors. But Carbon Fee and Dividend distorts the market the least, compared to other options like CAFE standards, ethanol fuel requirements, state solar tax credits, and subsidies for specific fuels. 

Inserting the price on CO2 emissions really does allow people to creatively figure out how they may respond—and we want people to make those decisions, not the government. They may invest or switch to wind and solar power, or nuclear power and energy efficiency, or they may just change their behavior. It is important for the government not to simply pick one of these possible choices to fund.

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Videos on Social Work Requirements

These two videos outline how to become a social worker, direct from the source—the NASW, and current professionals, who discuss the social worker requirements, or other points about getting one kind or another degree in social work programs.  They cover how to be a social worker, how long does it take to become a social worker, and so on:

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10 Top Tips To Succeed At Online Casinos

Nice summary of online casino benefits, regarding deals like Planet 7 Casino bonus codes and similar online discounts available from competitors like the Captain Jack Casino Bonus Codes


 By Tim Godfrey 

1. Choosing a casino with low wagering requirements will take less time and lower the risk. It is essential that you check out the 'terms and conditions' of any bonus offer by clicking through to the casinos promotion page and then the 'terms and conditions' page. The important parts to note here are the WAGERING REQUIREMENTS and the EXCLUDED GAMES (normally roulette). Though the bonus list is generally kept up-to-date, it is still very important that you check yourself. Generally the terms will say something along the lines of ''the deposit and bonus must be wagered X times before withdrawal". If is says 5 times for instance and the offer is 'deposit 50 get 50 free', then this means that 500 must be wagered before you withdraw.

2. Choose between the download and the no-download (sometimes called flash or java) versions. Over a 56k standard modem a download will take around 25 minutes and about 2 minutes on a broadband connection. 'No-download' games should load up pretty quickly although the game-play is often slower. If you choose to download then remember where you've saved the file and when it has finished double click on it and choose to save it to the directory it suggests. If you are using an Apple Mac it's quite likely that you will only be able to play the no-download (flash/java) versions.

3. Register a 'play for real' or 'real money account'. Remember to fill out all the correct details and the address where your credit/debit card is registered to. If you are offered a choice of £ or $ play, and if the bonus offer is the same for both (which is usually the case), it is advisable to pick £ (GBP) if you have a sterling bank account- there are unlikely to be any transaction fees and the bonus will be worth over 50% more. Make sure you make note of your account name/number. The software will run slightly quicker if you have a broadband or network internet connection and ALWAYS remember to turn the sound off from the options menu as this significantly speeds up play. If you have downloaded the software, it is also advisable to change the video options (generally in the options menu) to either 'run in window' or 'standard resolution' to improve the speed and the graphics.

4. Find out how to claim the promotion. With 'Boss media', 'Real Time Gaming' and 'Playtech' software, the bonuses are generally automatically added upon deposit. With 'Microgaming' software, you often have to fill out a claim form found on the website and enter in your user name and a promotion code. Occasionally these may take up to 24 hours to be credited. DO NOT start playing before the bonus has been credited because this will not count towards your required wagering amount.

5. You should always try and keep a rough track of how much you have wagered. There is often a facility to check how much you've bet* and they will always tell you if you email their support address. How long the wagering on an offer takes depends a great deal on the software and the stake per hand used and how well you know the tables. 
*For Microgaming use playcheck (only updated every hour or so), for Cryptologic use the log viewer (always up to date) and for Playtech look at loyalty points in the cashier screen (generally converted at the rate of $10=1 point - so easy to see your total bets). Other software types often have play history viewers.

6. If you're losing, stop for a while, close down the casino and then come back. NEVER double your stakes to try and claw back losses. This is the quickest way to lose your money. Play with whatever stakes you feel comfortable with, but I would suggest you go for $1 or $2 at first - if this is available. It may take longer but it makes the chance of a loss much less.

7. Once you've completed the wagering requirements you are free to stop and withdraw. If you have not kept an accurate tally of your wagers, email support and ask whether you have completed their wagering requirement - they will generally reply very quickly. Go to cashier/bank section and cash in the full balance. DO resist the temptation to chase that next win. Note down the withdrawal codes and exactly your withdrawal amount. This is essential to tell on your credit card statement who has paid you and where the cheques in the post have come from.

8. DON'T try and register and claim a bonus with the same casino twice. They will know your IP address and could deny you your winnings. Some casinos may also prevent more than one account per household being opened. Check in the terms and conditions if this may be a problem.

9. Cash all foreign cheques in bundles. Often casinos will pay back the winnings by cheque (with the original deposit being refunded to the credit card). Do not pay them in one by one as the majority of banks charge a set fee regardless of the amount of cheques cashed. BY FAR the easiest way of dealing with casino deposits and withdrawals is through NETELLER which works a bit like an American bank account. Occasionally as part of a security check, online casinos may ask for some verification documentation, usually a statement showing the address and a drivers license/ID card or passport. It is a good idea to scan these in to your computer and have them saved in your email account (email them to yourself) to speed up proceedings.

10. Keep an excel spreadsheet log of all the casinos you've completed, their bonus and minimum wagering requirements, deposit amounts, and how much you've won/lost. Keeping accurate records will speed up your payout process and keep you from getting casinos mixed up. Make sure you add up all your winnings too! The only way to beat the online casinos is by taking advantage of their bonus offers. Since you start ahead, the goal should be to stay ahead.

Tim Godfrey is the webmaster of OnlineGamblingSolutions is a top gambling portal that runs monthly bonus promotions, detailed casinos reviews, a digital betting bookstore and all the lastest gaming news - and much much more!!

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